Expert panel to address house affordability in Salt Lake City

Expert panel to address house affordability in Salt Lake City. (Photo: MGN)

(KUTV) — Experts in planning, economic development, housing and community revitalization are scheduled to meet in Salt Lake City from March 19-22 to discuss regulatory and process barriers to improving the city’s supply of affordable, quality housing, as well as identify possible means to overcome them.

The advisory exercise, operated by the Rose Center for Public Leadership, Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the National League of Cities (NLC) is part of the Rose Center for Land Use Fellowship.

“Our city is growing and becoming more vibrant, which brings significant opportunities, but also significant challenges, such as being able to meet demand for good quality, truly affordable housing for a diverse range of current and prospective residents,” said Jackie Biskupski, Salt Lake City’s mayor. “We look forward to hearing the panel’s informed and objective perspective on how land use rules, regulations and processes could be addressed to clear the way for the development of more affordable housing throughout Salt Lake City.”

The panel will address Salt Lake City’s challenges to affordable housing, focusing on the neighborhood of East Downtown, as well as small-group interviews with community leaders and advocates.

“The site visit is a fantastic opportunity for local leaders to gain insightful, actionable feedback from experts who’ve experienced similar, real-world situations,” said Brian Wilkinson, ULI Utah District Council Chair. “Salt Lake City’s selection for the Rose Fellowship comes at a pivotal and fortuitous time in the City’s development. We look forward to the results and seeing significant, positive changes that increase the City’s housing supply and maintain our high quality of life.”

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