Report: Salt Lake City being considered for next Apple campus

The Apple campus in Cupertino, California. Photo Courtesy: YouTube

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 7, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Business news site Bloomberg is reporting that Salt Lake City is being considered for the fourth Apple campus.

“The iPhone maker has said the new facility won’t be in California or Texas and that initially it will house call-center staff,” the report says. “Apple has no plans to create an Amazon-style public bidding process, but cities from Sidney, Nebraska, to Orlando, Florida, have already expressed interest in hosting the facility.”

In an effort to narrow down potential sites for the new campus, Bloomberg considered several criteria: regions where Apple already has a strong presence, proximity to suppliers, local business conditions and costs, concentration of educated talent and adjacency to transportation hubs.

The report says Salt Lake City is an attractive choice because of its tax incentives and local business environment, as well as adjacency to transportation hubs.

Apple ranked SLC among the top 15 cities ranked by tax incentives and local business environments, according to Moody’s Analytics. “Like most companies, Apple will surely expect such incentives in exchange for its investment,” the report said. “A major company such as Apple could transform a city by jump-starting its economy of schools, retail stores, restaurants and the housing market.” Other cities in the top 15 in this category are Denver, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Grand Rapids, Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Salt Lake City also makes it into the top 15 cities based on public transit such as airports, subways and bus systems, according to Moody’s Analytics. “Apple will be looking for an array of commuting options for employees,” the report said. “A nearby airport will also be crucial to serve Apple employees flying in from the company’s many U.S. offices.” Other cities in this category are Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Rochester, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cambridge, Boston, Hartford, New York and Philadelphia.

Apple is not likely to announce the location until later this year.

To read the full report from Bloomberg click here.

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