Satisfy Your Taste Buds At These Salt Lake Utah Establishments

Satisfy Your Taste Buds At These Salt Lake Utah Establishments

Salt Lake City has some really unique and interesting restaurants, such as Setebello Pizzeria, which one reviewer says brought them back to Naples. That’s an intriguing perspective that makes you want to try out the place, doesn’t it? If you’re not hooked yet, the picture shown on a top travel site of the pizza served there looks nothing short of absolutely scrumptious. There are plenty of other Salt Lake Utah restaurants to enjoy as well.

R&R Barbecue is one of those establishments, and as you would expect, this restaurant is very casual. Barbecue has been a big thing where I’ve lived, and so it would be a welcome invitation on vacation for me. Knowing all about and being a connoisseur of barbecue, I would find it interesting what the folks in Salt Lake City take off the grill.

Another cool spot is Porcupine Pub & Grille. The picture shown is of a delicious dessert, but what was really interesting is that one reviewer talks highly of their chicken soup. If the soup is that good, you can just imagine what the rest of the menu is going to taste like. If that picture of the dessert means anything, this is one special place.

There are actually quite a few pubs in Salt Lake Utah, and it’s easy to tell because there are at least a few that appear on the short list of the top restaurants. One was just mentioned, and another is Squatters Pub and Brewery. One of my favorite listings because of the picture, which shows the exterior and immediate surroundings of the establishment, is Log Haven. This is a rustic establishment, and according to one reviewer, it’s a Utah treasure.

Ruth’s Diner looks like a cool place, too. It’s always interesting to go to a new place and experience a local treasure like a diner. Bambara looks like it serves up interesting dishes, and it is put best by one of the reviewers that calls this a ‘modern’ place. That’s what it makes you think of, and then there is Siegfried’s Deli, which is certainly a unique place, serving up delicious German cuisine.

Plenty of other treasures await you in the form of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah. Other listings include Tony Caputo’s Market And Deli, Blue Lemon and The Roof Restaurant. Yes, that last one and the Blue Lemon, too, sound like must sees. And remember, that’s just some of what’s out there, albeit top ranked restaurants indeed.